European companies are world leaders in the production of vitamins, biocompatible insecticides and enzymes for food and green technology from Bacillus.


Biocontrol agents


Bacillus is a natural inhabitant of soil where it helps to recycle nutrients. It produces compounds that protect crops from bacterial and fungal diseases and that kill insect pests.


Drugs from bugs


Bacillus can produce high-added value pharmaceuticals for the treatment of diseases. Bacillus is being used to develop antibacterial drugs to combat bugs like MRSA.


Modelling life


Bacillus is one of the most easily studied of all living organisms. Understanding how this simple system works provides insights for the study of more complex living systems.

Bacell Systems:

Bacell is the umbrella organisation supporting Bacillus research in Europe. The Bacillus bacterium has been used for more than 50 years as a model to understand the detailed functions of individual cellular components. As a result it is one of the best understood of all living organisms. Each component has a specific role and location within the cell. The next challenge is to determine the precise location of the individual components and to model how they interact with each other and their surroundings to form a successful living organism. In addition to its importance to Basic Science, Bacillus contributes to the Health and Wealth of Society and the Environment.

assembling the components of life

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Bacell is supported by the Bacillus Industrial Platform (BACIP) and the following European Union-funded RTD project grants:

BIOT-CT1991-0268, BIO2-CT1993-0254, BIO2-CT93-272, BIO4-CT96-0655, BIO4-CT1995-0278, BIO4-CT1998-0250, BIO4-CT1996-0097, QLRT-CT1999-01455, QLK3-CT1999-00413, QLK3-CT1999-00917, LSHG-CT2004-503468, LSHG-CT2004-005257, LSHM-CT2006-019064, LSHG-CT2006-037469